Beginners Tool List


Thinking of starting taxidermy? Welcome! I am so thrilled you are joining our industry.


Below I have put together a list, with links, of the tools I feel that would be good for a beginner joining the industry.  I own all of these tools below, and use them daily. If you have any questions about learning taxidermy, please don't hesitate to contact me. Alternatively, see the 'mentorship' and 'tuition' boxes  'here'.



As a precaution, I recommend wearing gloves for all preperation of skins.



Pliers/Wire Cutters

Useful for cutting bone, but also for wire work.

Fine Needles

Depending on what you are working on, a selection is useful. Go as small as you can on small birds.

Curved Syringe

Useful for the application of caulk.

Spray Bottles

Great for dousing your specimens with isopropyl or water whilst you are working on them.

Spring Scissors

Great for accuracy in both skinning and finishing.

Hairdryer with Cool Setting

Essential for drying all skins.

Hot Glue Gun

For attaching wire to inside skull.

Scalpel Handles


Having an assortment of sizes will be useful for different elements of preparation.


No. 4:

No. 7:


Good to have a selection of tweezers for both preparation and grooming. Try to avoid cross contamination.


Good to have an assortment of thicknesses for different strengths of skin.

Fine Pins

In my experience I find entomology pins to be the best for the purpose of taxidermy!


Isopropyl Alcohol

For thawing fragile bird skins.

Epoxie Sculpt 

For anything that requires sculpting, bird faces, repairing beak, hiding wires on branches, building up dioramas etc.


For filling the skull cavity and helping to restore muscle on face.

Display Stand/Perch

You can make this from scratch if you prefer but you will need something to mount your birds to.

Scalpel Blades 


Varying sizes of blades to fit the aforementioned handles.

Size 10:

Size 11:

Size 26:

Galvanised Wire

I keep a large inventory of assorted sizes of galvanised wire as different birds require different gauges.


Copper Wire

Particularly useful on small birds wings/legs. Keep an assortment of gauges.


Precision Scissors

Incredibly useful for both prep and mounting. Avoid cross contamination with two pairs if you can.

Wood Flour

I use this to give me grip when skinning bird skins.

Fine Point Sculpting Tool

Also useful for grooming as well as sculpting.

Fine Woodwool

For binding and making bodies.