Taxidermy Tip Tuesday 

Launched November 2020

This is a new passion project aimed at making taxidermy more accessible, inclusive and providing resources for beginners. I will be posting short videos on a Tuesday providing tips and discussing processes, from taxidermists, and our neighbouring industries including entomologists, restoration experts conservators etc. so that those interested in learning more abut our industry have the resources to begin.

Visit for the full Taxidermy Tip Tuesday series

Taxidermy Mentorship Group

This is a private Facebook group that I have started to provide a safe place for learning, sharing and critique. 

I have invited many established professionals to act as mentors in the group for when beginners have questions about the process. 

It is the group I wish I had when I first started out.

Log Book Template

Logging is a legal requirement for all taxidermists. You must ensure you are documenting all specimens that are coming into your possession, providing as much information as possible to prove its origins, cause of death, etc.

Feel free to use and modify my log book template for your logging requirements.