The taxidermy field spans the globe, having spoken with other taxidermists in the industry, we agree that there needs to be more diversity in the field.

This page provides a catalogue of resources I have compiled for QTBIPOC and any one who wishes to get involved with taxidermy. It includes legal directories and associations around the globe, log book sheets, reading lists and tool lists.

Should you like more information about learning taxidermy or cannot find a resource listed for your region, please feel free to email me at where I would be happy to help you find it!


General/Assorted Videos -

Cleaning a Peacock Train -

Working on an Amazon parrot -

Working on Red-billed Hornbill -

Taxidermy Robin -


Posing a Falcon -

Caping a Deer -

Mounting a Deerhead -

Taxidermy a Squirrel -

Cleaning Bird Wings -

Mouse Taxidermy Tutorial -

Taxidermy 'Step by Step' Duck -

For more Videos, type

'Taxidermy for Beginners', 'How to Taxidermy' or other related phrases into YouTube.

Additional Reading/Listening and Related Sources

Taxidermy Mentorship FB Group -

'STUFFED' Documentary -

'Nassology' with Allis Marham from the Podcast 'Oligies' with Alie Ward -

'How Taxidermy Works' from the Podcast 'Stuff You Should Know' -

'Bringing Colour Back to the Dead' -

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